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Yaoundé Mini Hair Clamp

  • £28.95

Leaving the comfort of the club, you push the heavy wooden door open only to be swiftly blasted by a weight of heat outside.

Lunch may be over, but your day is not.

Whether you’re negotiating a delivery of coffee beans in Havana, sorting out the insurance on that charter tanker of Dubai crude, or showing your niece that the 18th hole of Oitavos Dunes holds no mysteries for you, this is not a day for your hair to be troubling you.

The world needs conquering. After lunch.

Yaoundé Mini Hair Clamp (Nº 454). Handy mini size makes them easy to keep as a stash in your briefcase, desk drawer or car glovebox. Use one for a no-nonsense half-back style. Use a few for a tousled the-devil-you-say updo.

This superb mini clamp has been carefully hand finished in France to a glassy smooth polish, that looks as gorgeous as it feels to the touch.

The excellent quality spring provides a reliable and secure hold on your hair without snagging or pulling.

The design gives a very close hold, making it particularly good for slippery hair, while wide spacing of the softly rounded teeth are very kind on curly and fine hair. You are armed and ready. World, do your worst. 

Colours shown in main image are Breccia, Ember and Mink.

Colours shown in detail image from left are Ember, Mink and Breccia. (Sorry! Breccia and Ember are now Sold Out)

Suitable for very fine hair in a twist or for medium to thick hair in a half up style.

Price is for a single clamp.

L x W: 3.5 cm x 3 cm

** Very Low Stock! **