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Sourire U Pins, Set of 2

  • £35.00

Susan Travers was given a way out. She didn’t have to go.

“Life in the desert is no picnic,” Brigade commander (and love of her life) Colonel Koenig said.

Instead, La Miss decided to stay, and eventually became the only woman ever to be allowed to enlist in the French Foreign Legion.

Sometimes you need to give people a hint - just a little one - of the strength and spirit that lies within you.

I can’t promise that this spunky little hair pin, capable of doing hair-holding jobs that many larger clips fail to manage, will make a woman more intrepid, but it will definitely stand firm doing its job so you can get on and do yours.

Available in Snow Leopard, Mink; Crème & Gold, Black Shell and Silver Shell. (Sorry! Mink is now Sold Out)

Price for a set of 2 pins. Pick 2 in your favourite colours!

Suitable for long hair of all types, but recommended for fine hair.

L x W: 9.5 cm x 2.5 cm