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Sans Cesse French Cuffed Elastic

Sans Cesse French Cuffed Elastic

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Once upon a time, before you were born, there was a Chinese emperor who had reigned wisely over his people. But he was getting old and his loyal courtiers worried what would happen after his death.

The Emperor's closest advisor travelled into the mountains to visit the wise hermit and ask his advice.

The hermit listened quietly as the minister relayed his story, and was impressed by the man's concern and deep loyalty to the Emperor.

"There is a legend of a sacred plant," said the old sage, "that can be found on Dragonfly Island that can provide eternal youth. But it can only be picked by a young person. Plan your venture carefully."

The advisor returned to court and shared the old man's advice. Consulting with experts in geography, the Emperor learned it would take several years to travel to the mythical place and determined that even if the plant could be found, he would very possibly not be alive when it was brought back to court.

However, if the plant could be found then the success of his heir the Crown Prince would be secured. He arranged for 24 children ranging in age to make the journey, so that the oldest could care for and guide the youngest.

Upon arriving at Dragonfly Island, following many dangerous adventures and difficult terrain, the children were crestfallen to find the area completely barren, except for a single yellow flower, the golden chrysanthemum that still symbolises the Chinese people's connection to their country.

Our Sans Cesse French Cuffed Elastic celebrates the special meaning of eternity represented by the chrysanthemum bloom. Made in France and polished to a high shine during our signature 10-day finishing process.

Recommended for medium weight hair.

L x W: 5 x 3.5 cm