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Raw Silk Slim Headband

Raw Silk Slim Headband

  • £39.00

Maybe, just maybe, you are the type of woman who gets to recline on a chaise longue, thumbing through a leather-bound edition of Camus' L'Envers et l'Endroit, memorising your bons mots for use at the evening's salon. If this is you, you are a lucky so and so-and-we are all consumed with corrosive jealousy.

But, perhaps you are a more vigorous sort of woman. One who needs to go here and there and generally get stuck into things in a more physical way. Like you need to get that mural painted, oversee the reorganisation of the heavy manufacturing equipment before tomorrow morning, or survey the progress on the rerouting of the bypass route from the air, but just after you fine-tune the engine of your light aircraft.

In which case, you need to get your hair out of your way. We've got just the thing for women of action like you.

The Raw Silk Slim Headband. Silk, which is gentle on your hair. Comfy behind the ears. Handmade just for Stone Bridge, for that extra touch of care. Also loved by philosophers.

Available in Scarlet only (Sorry! Navy and Goldenrod are now Sold Out)

Suitable for all hair types, particularly effective in finer hair.

Width: 2.5 cm