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Le Savant Calf Hair Headband

Le Savant Calf Hair Headband

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One day the great Moghul Emperor Akbar summoned his advisor, Nav Ratna, known for both his wit and his wisdom.

Now, the mighty Emperor had been having self-help books read to him in those days, because he himself was illiterate, but he felt this was no reason to be ignorant. He decided to make a study of the characters of others in order to better understand his true self.

"Bring me four people," the Emperor commanded. "One who is mild-mannered, one who is spirited, one as swift in mind and body as a cheetah, and one as fierce as a leopard. Then I shall understand the best way to balance all my good qualities."

The next day Nav Ratna returned, bringing one woman.

Akbar cried, "What is this? This is one person – I asked you to bring four!"

Well," Nav Ratna replied, "this woman has all four qualities you requested: when she visits her in-laws she is mild-mannered; when she drinks she is spirited; when her children are endangered she acts with the speed and accuracy of a cheetah; and when she is determined to have her way she is as fierce as a leopard.

The Le Savant Headband, named for the clever Nav Ratna, will help you express your inner Moghul Emperor. Politely slender in width and never too showy, spirited in style, effective but daring, and determined when needs must.

Made in the USA for Stone Bridge with a Cheetah pattern on calf hair leather. Suede leather lined, for a secure hold, even on slippery hair.

Width: 1.5 cm

Suitable for all hair types.

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