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Fritillaire Barrette

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Following the French Revolution, the new government was determined to stamp out all influence of the ancien régime and an easy place to start was to change the calendar.

The names of the months were all renamed to help us forget any religious or royalist sentiments we might harbour. In England's Sporting Magazine, the new months were snappily translated as "Wheezy, Sneezy and Freezy; Slippy, Drippy and Nippy; Showery, Flowery and Bowery; Hoppy, Croppy and Poppy."

The days, now stripped of any saintly associations, were instead named for plants, farm animals or agricultural tools. December 27th, as an odd example, is Topsoil Day, so those unfortunate enough to already have a birthday so close to Christmas presumably suffered an extra annoyance.

Fritillary Day, however, is the 22nd day of the Florial ("Flowery") Month, and should you wish to celebrate we have an appropriate clip to dress your hair to perfection.

An exquisitely crafted design, our Fritillaire Barrette, is layered in cream and dark pearlescent lilac. The petals, each individually shaped, are edged with small white Swarovski crystals, and the whole arrangement is set of with a carefully placed single artificial pearl centre.

Using our classic 8 cm French steel clasp, plated in our signature gold colour, this design is recommended for fine hair, but can be worn very effectively in thick hair in a generous half-back style.

Made, of course, by hand in France.

Recommended for fine to medium hair, but can be worn in thick hair in a half-back style.

L x W: 9 x 6 cm