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Flourish Long Skinny Barrette

  • £42.00

If you are looking for a barrette for fine hair, look no further than our Flourish Skinny Barrette.

With its pretty cutwork design, and a very slender, extra long steel French barrette clasp, it is excellent for making a full, spread out ponytail style, or for an elegant half-back.

The barrette lays very close to your hair, helping you to create a sleek and flattering profile, which also makes it perfect for a pleat style for very fine, long hair.

Colours shown in main image from top: Tortoiseshell, Mink and Caramel Horn.
Colours shown in detail image from top: Silver Shell, Black Shell and Mosaic.

Suitable for all hair types, but most effective with fine hair.

L x W: 12 cm x 2.5 cm