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D'Élingue Slides, Pair

  • £35.00


The next time you guide your niece through the wending Parisian backstreets to the charming 18th Century alley of Le Cour du Commerce-Saint-André, you can terrify the hoodoo out of her in this way:

Enter a hopelessly romantic restaurant and snatch up, oh, a bottle of brandy, say. Deftly whip a cord round the neck in your well-practiced noeud d'élingue. Then announce quite loudly, "Watch this!" as you energetically swing the bottle in a circle over your head. The knot is quite secure. Nothing bad will happen.

How do I know? Because for centuries sailors have cooled their jugs of grog using exactly this knot then tossing the bottles overboard to chill in the ocean.

Your niece will be so impressed.

DÉlingue Slides (Nº 323). A useful small set of hidden teeth provides a good hold. Perfect for holding back your fringe, a delicate half-back style or for creating a chic quiff.

Handmade in France, these hair clips have gone through a meticulous 10 day finishing process so you can be sure of perfectly smooth edges, with no sharp bits to catch on your hair. A fantastic little clip to add to your French hair accessories collection.


Price is for a pair of slides.

Suitable for all hair types.

L x W: 5 cm x 1 cm