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Cubique French Slides, Pair

  • £26.00

She gave a sly wink as she caught my eye in the shared mirror, as if we were sisters in conspiracy. Her partner in crime.

I was struck dumb with shock and awe.

“An old trick of mine,” she said breezily, brandishing a paper clip at me.

She turned back to the mirror.

“My fringe is too long. It’s making me crazy and I have a client meeting in five minutes.” She slid the paper clip across the ends of her fringe, then pushed another lock of hair over it to conceal it.

She turned and looked at me in triumph.

The lock of hair had, of course, shifted back, showing the paper clip.

Now, this is an old trick of mine. The hair slide. Made in France. Always looks good, whether you’re reading Our Mutual Friend alone by the fire or about to charm the hell out of a room full of ornery Parliamentary Members.

Cubique French Slide (Nº 331) Clever small set of hidden teeth ensure a good hold. Never looks ridiculous. Or like you’ve gone face-down in the stationery cupboard. Equally as handy in your handbag as in your desk drawer. Best to have several within reach for fringe emergencies.

The Cubique Hair Slide is a beautiful classic shape, perfect for holding back your fringe, a delicate half-back style or for creating a chic quiff.

Handmade in France, these hair clips have gone through a meticulous 10 day finishing process so you can be sure of perfectly smooth edges, with no sharp bits to catch on your hair. A fantastic little clip to add to your French hair accessories collection.

Mink or Black Shell.

Price is for a pair of slides.

Suitable for all hair types.

L x W: 5 cm x 2 cm

** Very Low Stock! **