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Constant Large Hair Claw

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People say one of the most difficult treks in the world that one can make is to cross the Sahara Desert. Well, one modern day adventurer has done it. And she did it walking. Alone.

Great adventures never pop out of nowhere. This young woman grew up taking long walks along the beautiful beaches of Australia. They have quite large beaches there.

But, regardless, she said, "I felt that I could never quite walk far enough – I wanted to walk into the horizon and never stop, just to continue that beautiful process of rhythmic meditation."

You can read about her adventure in her book, Sahara, which was what we were originally going to call this collection. Instead we're naming this rich colourful pattern for this inspiring traveller: Paula Constant.

Our Constant Large Hair Claw celebrates the special characters of endurance, bravery and adventurousness. Made in France and polished to a high shine during our signature 10-day finishing process.

Available in Ahmar Red.

Recommended for medium to thick hair.

L x W: 4.5 x 9 cm