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Classic French Mini Claws, Set of 2

  • £38.00

It’s the littlest of things that make the difference, don’t you find?

The spotless cutlery and cloth at the restaurant.

The way the sun slants through the trees on your afternoon constitutional.

The look in his eyes when your faithful dog pads into the kitchen, waiting for the fridge door to open.

That’s what we thought about when designing the Classic Mini Hair Clamp (Nº 455). Whether you choose one to pull back that lock of hair in an insouciant gesture, or a selected two or three to create a tousled updo of graceful nonchalance, these handy little clips may not really be seen. But if they happen to be, then they look charming as heck.

Just the solution for a simple half-back style or to dress a messy twist, these elegant little claws will do the job for you.

These have been made in France and completely polished smooth by hand to a shiny finish, so there are no sharp bits or edges to grab and snag your hair. We also use strong steel springs, to give your hair a secure and comfy hold you can count on.

Suitable for all hair types.

Available in Black Shell and Tortoiseshell. 
Price is for two claws in the same colour.

L x W: 1.25 cm x 2 cm

** Very Low Stock! **