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Classic French Mini Clamp

Classic French Mini Clamp

  • £29.00

Françoise-Athénaïs De Montespan, mistress to le Roi-Soleil, should be noted down in your notebook of notable women of history.

Never heard of her? Sharpen your pencil forthwith!

La Madame sparked a notorious row - in front of the Queen, no less - with le Roi over what smelled more: her perfume or HRH's halitosis.

Recognised for her intelligence, wit and outstanding beauty, she is probably the master of modern hair styles. Most portraits show her sporting a gentle half-back style that we would certainly recognise today.

I am very sure she ground her very teeth over the lack of a handy, but pretty, mini clamp such as this to make her toilette so much easier. 

Whether you need to hold back a little hair or pull back a lot, the design gives a very close, making it particularly good for slippery hair, while wide spacing of the softly rounded teeth are very kind on curly and fine hair. 

Available in Tortoiseshell.

Suitable for very fine hair in a twist or for medium to thick hair in a half up style.

L x W: 4.5 cm x 3 cm