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About Our Hair Accessories

Crafted With Care

We know you like to take care of your hair, so we look for products that are gentle on your hair and make you look good. The majority of our hair accessories are manufactured by small, family-owned French or Italian companies for beautiful everyday luxury. Some are hand-forged in England and others have been hand-stitched in Canada or the United States by designers whose work appears in Hollywood films and major international television series. Every hair accessory you buy from us has been through the hands of someone who cares passionately about hair accessories.

Not shoes. Not handbags. Not costume jewellery. Just hair accessories.

Every single one will make your hair look gorgeous, whether you are directing a meeting or meeting for a drink. If it doesn't, you can send it back. No questions asked.

Why You Will Love Our Hair Accessories

Comfortable, Beautiful Design

Real women put our designs in their hair to test for comfort as well as good looks before we offer them to you. Our barrettes, clamps and elastics have been worn for us for days and even months on end to ensure every product is durable and comfortable to wear. Everyone's hair has a different weight and texture, and what each woman needs from her hair clips is also highly individual. We make recommendations as to what sort of hair texture is suited to each one of our hair clips and we have a large range of barrettes and hair clamps especially suited to fine hair or long curly hair.

Quality Manufacturing That Will Last

If you're like us, you have bought plenty of clamps and clips that you have thrown away. The mechanism breaks or the decoration is so heavy it just slides out of your hair. Don't you hate that? When we talk to manufacturers we quiz them closely about how they rivet their clips so that they won't pull out your hair, or what alloy they use in the barrette mechanism so the hinge doesn't snap. We find out what polymers they use in the decoration so that you can have optimum flexibility and strength in the product as well as a beautiful finish. We have broken hair clips in front of sales reps while testing for quality. We are not here to make sales reps happy. We are here to find you the perfect clip for your hair. We will not sell a hair clip that is not fit for purpose. We promise you that.

Hand Finished for Kindness to Your Hair

We look specifically for well-finished edges, high quality elastic and covered metal components to protect your hair as much as possible from pulling and snagging. Some hair clips and elastics have more of these benefits than others and the pricing reflects the level of handcrafting that has gone into each item.

We Love Our Customers

We are a small business and every customer is important to us. Many of our customers are as fanatical about hair accessories as we are, which can make for some peculiar conversations! If you're bored, give us a ring. Ask for Melissa (she's the owner). She can (and does) talk all day about hair.

We are proud of our reputation of providing excellent customer service. You are always at the top of our 'to-do' list, so whether you send us an email or need to return a product you can be confident of a prompt and attentive response.

We love our hair clips and have worked hard to ensure that you find a good selection of items that will suit your needs perfectly. If, however, you purchase a product that doesn't delight you, return it. We want you to love your hair.